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You CAN be without, but WHY WOULD YOU?

  • Travel size (9 pieces) Red-Blue-Grey

    Everyone needs to cut their finger and toenails, and it's frustrating when you're away from home and need to cut your nails and don't have a clipper. This is a must!

  • 4 Point Eyebrow Pencil

    Save money by doing your own professional looking eyebrows at home with the help of this 4 point pencil. Using this pencil really enhances your eyebrows and it looks so natural!

  • Baby Nail File (Battery Operated)

    This makes cutting nails a breeze. This is great for newborns, toddlers, even adults use this. It's lightweight, quiet, easy grip. It's a great baby shower gift!

  • False Eyelashes

    Why be regular and ordinary when you can use these to make your eyes fancy and beautiful? These are easy to use, comfortable for all day wear, and makes you look like the queen that you are!!!!

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